Some depictions were painted or drawn by those that admired the man, some by those that found him anathema.  The pictures also depict different phases of his life-span.

Sexuality and Its Disorders explores sexuality from an evolutionary perspective using powerful, real-life case studies to help readers provide effective guidance around issues relating to sexuality. Drawing on his 30 years of clinical experience and research, author Mike Abrams provides a comprehensive, evidence-based, and clinically-oriented text with cutting-edge coverage throughout. Discussions include the physical and psychological development of sexual identity; the social aspects of sexual behavior; the many expressions of sexuality; cognitive behavior treatment of sexual problems; and more. The many perspectives of sexuality are examined with interviews and commentaries from major figures in the field—including David M. Buss, Helen Fisher, C. Sue Carter of Kinsey, Todd K. Shackelford, Ken Zucker, and Gordon Gallup—who discuss such topics as the origins of sexuality, the nature of love, the role of attachment, and the treatment of sexual problems.
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Good Likeness

As a young man



As a Child


Inaccurate, but oft reproduced.



Cesar Borgia as a child (inspiration for the Prince)

Pope Alexander VI

Fra Savonarola


Statue of Fra Savonarola

Machiavelli's Tomb in Florence